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Bigger, better emergency department opens

When an injury or illness calls for a trip to the emergency room, it’s a relief to know you have access to a state-of-the-art facility with caring, experienced health care providers. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Enloe Medical Center’s new, expanded emergency department.

In August, Enloe proudly opened a new emergency department to better meet the growing needs of your community. It nearly doubles the space of the old emergency department, and when the second phase is completed next year, it will be almost triple the size of the old one, with just under 22,000 square feet. That will allow us to serve our 50,000 emergency department patients each year with shorter wait times and increased comfort and convenience for patients and their families.

Each of the new, private treatment rooms is spacious enough to accommodate equipment as well as caring medical staff, patients and their family and friends, who can now accompany their loved ones without feeling like they’re in the way.

“It’s all designed to bring everything to the patient,” says Stacy Vincent, emergency department nurse manager. Even entering information in the patient’s chart is done at the bedside. “It keeps the nurses in the room.”

Enhancing the patient experience

The new space offers features to enhance comfort and enable quicker care, including:

  • Canopied walk-in and drive-up patient entrance and separate ambulance entrance at W. Fifth Ave.
  • Comfortable lobby with a children’s seating and play area
  • Admitting, triage and advanced practice areas to expedite less emergent cases
  • 25 treatment beds in private rooms, including five resuscitation suites, a decontamination shower and negative airflow isolation rooms
  • Two-bay trauma room with overhead digital X-ray to treat the most seriously injured patients
  • Two behavioral health rooms for private, dignified treatment of psychiatric emergencies
  • Dedicated X-ray machine and 128-slice CT scanner

Verified Level II Trauma Center

Should the need arise, Enloe’s new emergency department is designed to handle a mass-casualty incident; it is the region’s disaster control facility. Enloe has long been designated as a Level II trauma center by the state of California. This summer, it received additional recognition from the American College of Surgeons, which verified it as a Level II trauma center. Enloe holds the distinction of being the only Verified Level II Trauma Center north of the Sacramento area, and one of only seven in Northern California, including the Bay Area.

The new emergency department is the latest chapter in Enloe’s history of improving emergency care to keep pace with the community’s needs. It began in 1972 when Enloe first started providing 24-hour-a-day emergency care. The following year, in cooperation with Butte College, Enloe initiated the first EMT-1 program in Chico. In 1985, FlightCare took to the air as the first ambulance helicopter north of Sacramento, and in 1988, Enloe became the first state-designated Level II Trauma Center in California.


When is it an emergency?

Trust your instincts when deciding if you or a loved one needs immediate medical attention. Symptoms that generally indicate an emergency include:

  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Head injury or broken bones
  • Poisoning or suspected overdose
  • Inability to breathe or shortness of breath
  • Seizure or loss of consciousness
  • Persistent chest or abdominal pain or pressure
  • Numbness or paralysis of an arm or leg
  • Sudden slurred speech, visual changes or weakness
  • Major burns
  • Intense pain
  • Severe reaction to an insect bite, medication or food

In an emergency situation, immediately call 911. Paramedics can begin treatment on the way to the hospital. Don't try to drive to the emergency room if you or the victim requires immediate care.

A minor mishap that requires medical attention but is not life-threatening may be best treated at a Prompt Care Clinic or by scheduling a same-day appointment with your doctor. Use Enloe’s Find a Doctor directory if you need to find a primary care physician.

Urgent care medical conditions often include sprains, minor cuts, ear infections, high fever and respiratory and urinary tract infections.

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